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Although we breed lizards almost exclusively a number of snakes will also become available. Here we picture some of the species/morphs we keep and breed

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Corn Snakes - Amel het motley  (<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis)guttata</i>) Corn snake - Snow(<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis)guttata</i>) Corn Snake - Anerythristic(<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis) guttata</i>)

Corn Snake - normal wild colouration and markings (<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis) guttata</i>) Corn Snake - Caramel (<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis) guttata</i>) Corn Snake - Butter (<i>Elaphe(Pantherophis) guttata</i>)

Gopher snakes - <i>Pituophis deppei jani</i> (aka Northern Mexican Pine Snake)

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